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Can we wait a little bit longer? He loved and helped weak people. That was so amazing. Everyone looks so happy to be there. I'm doing the cooking. My dad keeps on telling bad jokes like: "Are you fed up of going to Fedup's?". Our teacher seemed angry. We learn English three hours a week. Do you want to see something extraordinary?

I definitely don't regret it.

I don't like working at the bank. Lego construction toys are some of the most popular toys on the planet. It's time to carry out the plan. This is the same car that was left at the scene of the crime. Dan dumped Linda's body along the road. I never thought I'd see your face again. While listening to the soothing music coming from the street I am drifting off to sleep in my comfy bed. It's not like you to complain. She fried an egg. It sounds like you are not self-aware or aware of your place in the universe.

I didn't smoke pot when I was in Spain. I'm happy because you're here. Jiri is probably trying to lose weight. I'll help you up.

I just want to get out of here as quickly as I can. She attained everlasting fame through her work. Srikanth is frying an egg. I wish you good trip!

Everyone's out in the back yard.

Lock and barricade all doors. I haven't eaten there in a long time. I don't have sugar with my coffee. It's too much. This I have to see. Henry is still hot.

You must come with us. Reservations are required. They all sat. Kristi happened to have the day off on Turkeer's birthday. Let me talk to them first. Stagger immediately began talking. All were happy. Should I take that as a compliment?

This book is older than that one. Cooked meat is still meat. Hui contributed vocals to Guy's debut album. What do you propose?

The cheers swelled to a roar. Do you have life insurance? Do you have anything you'd like to ask Merat? What exactly did you tell them? Ricardo stuffed his handkerchief in his pocket. My neighborhood is threatened by poverty. Eliot talks about Mongo almost all the time. I don't think Manny will want to go drinking with us. Every camel has its hump. The true art of life consists in seeing the miraculous in the everyday.

The tree was felled with one hard blow of his ax. I've done nothing interesting today. The bottle is almost full. It just wouldn't be right. Tell me about one happy memory you have. Apparently, they're dead. It stopped raining, so they went on with the game. Randolph said he hasn't seen Boyd since they got divorced.

I am still in two minds about buying this car. Where others have opinions, Regina issues edicts. The influence of the strong yen on the Japanese economy has become very serious. I know the name of this animal.

I'd like to borrow your car this afternoon. The caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Yesterday afternoon I did my homework, then I saw my friends. Excuse me, but I feel sick.

The government is on the nose after making a series of unpopular decisions. I'm not going to judge you. She doubled over, clutching her side. I'm not going to complain anymore. Wait, why am I telling you this? Knowing what will happen is more important than knowing what has happened. Two years ago, I couldn't play basketball at all.

Markus knows what deserves attention. I'm not able to swim. Beating the other team was no sweat at all. Bob will be back at 6 o'clock. One should take good care of every single thing. Nobody wants to be around her.